A.B.D.M. has been in operation since 1992. Providing procurement services to the Hospitality Industry. A.B.D.M.’s president is Alan Sacks, who has been involved in the Hospitality Industry since 1973.

Purchasing Services

A.B.D.M. has worked with many companies  assisting them in achieving their purchasing potential. Many independently-operated facilities, whether they be hotels, resorts or clubs, do not have the resources  to manage the purchasing function effectively.  A.B.D.M’s services specifically address this need.

A.B.D.M.  provides the following services:

1. Purchasing agent – specializing operating supplies and expendables

2.Virtual Corporate purchasing department

3.Consulting services

4. Turnkey purchasing solutions – A.B.D.M. developed the industry leading program – condo in a box

Condo in a box

“One stop shopping” for resort developers and operators. A.B.D.M. provides custom houseware and linen packages that are packaged and shipped by suite. Operators achieve significant cost and time savings by purchasing all their needs through one supplier and by reducing the cost of product distribution on delivery.