Why Condo in a box?

An Industry leading and trusted program, Condo in a box is a turnkey purchasing solution, built for Operators and Developers seeking an efficient and proven solution . A “one-stop shop”, we supply customizable packages packed by unit, shipped to individual suites, Reducing the costs by purchasing all product through one supplier, while at the same time simplifying logistics. 


Take advantage of buying power achieved through volume purchasing.


Receiving efficiencies

Only one shipment, rather than numerous deliveries from numerous suppliers reduces receiving time and losses.  Simple distribution of product to each unit.

Reduce admin costs

Deal with one purchase order and one invoice rather  than dozens.



Set up and choice of product is not limited to a specific product line.     Products can be sourced for a specific project.

Ordering Efficiency

Save time and cost through one-stop shopping.


Quality Product

Items supplied have been tested and tried by Hotels and Resorts and meet the tests of Quality – Durability – Availability – Aesthetics –  Price.

Our recommended set-up is the standard order for most of our condo-hotel and resort clients.
Of course this set up is customizable to meet budget and  quality requirements.
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We have had the opportunity to use Condo-in-a-box several times, the service is outstanding. Viewing and selecting items is easy and takes no time at all. If we requested more information we were quickly sent a sample of the product. Upon delivery, everything was carefully and accurately detailed making it easy to unpack. Wow — if everything was this easy!”
— David MacKenzie, Area General Manager, Sea to Sky – Atlific Hotels & Resorts